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1 april 2009, 21:45:37 geplaatst door Pipster · 4 Reacties · Geraden door Rokus · Hoes

Filter - Title of Record (1999)

Filter – Title of Record (1999)


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  • 1 Pipster // 1 april 2009 om 21:47:41

    Als KNVB wil je de rechten toch niet eens aan SBS666 verkopen.

  • 2 Rokus // 1 april 2009 om 21:47:54


  • 3 Rokus // 1 april 2009 om 21:48:34

    title of record

  • 4 Rokus // 1 april 2009 om 21:49:04

    Title of Record
    *The name of Filter’s second album, Title of Record, stems from Filter’s art designer, Deborah Norcross. When the band was looking at her designs for the cover of the album, there was no name for it. Deborah had to put Title of Record in an area to reserve space for the eventual name. Filter immediately liked the idea of Title of Record as a mockery of a self-titled album and kept the name.*

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