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30 december 2010, 18:27:27 geplaatst door SftP · 4 Reacties · Geraden door Rick B · Hoes

Bonobo - Animal Magic (2000)

Bonobo – Animal Magic (2000)


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  • 1 Rick B // 30 december 2010 om 19:27:00

    Rick B

    Bonobo – Animal Magic

  • 2 SftP // 30 december 2010 om 19:34:36


    Onverwachte hoek: :thumbsup2:

  • 3 Rick B // 31 december 2010 om 0:19:46

    Rick B

    Onverwachte hoek?

    Sexual intercourse plays a major role in Bonobo society observed in captivity, being used as what some scientists perceive as a greeting, a means of conflict resolution, and post-conflict reconciliation. Bonobos are the only non-human animal to have been observed engaging in all of the following sexual activities: face-to-face genital sex, tongue kissing, and oral sex[31] (although a pair of Western Gorillas have been photographed performing face to face genital sex). In scientific literature, the female-female behavior of touching genitals together is often referred to as GG rubbing or genital-genital rubbing.

    The sexual activity happens within the immediate family as well as outside it. Bonobos do not form permanent relationships with individual partners. They also do not seem to discriminate in their sexual behavior by sex or age, with the possible exception of abstaining from sexual intercourse between mothers and their adult sons; some observers believe these pairings are taboo. When Bonobos come upon a new food source or feeding ground, the increased excitement will usually lead to communal sexual activity, presumably decreasing tension and encouraging peaceful feeding.

    Bonobo males occasionally engage in various forms of male-male genital behavior. In one form, two males hang from a tree limb face-to-face while “penis fencing”. This also may occur when two males rub their penises together while in face-to-face position. Another form of genital interaction, called “rump rubbing”, occurs to express reconciliation between two males after a conflict, when they stand back-to-back and rub their scrotal sacs together.

  • 4 Ruzenka // 31 december 2010 om 0:46:47


    En Bronovo-ziekenhuis wordt door de spellingcontrole altijd verhaspeld tot Bonobo-ziekenhuis.

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