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#1951 [Rick B]

28 september 2008, 13:37:27 geplaatst door Rick B · 6 Reacties · Geraden door Pipapogo · Hoes

Mogwai - The Hawk is Howling (2008)

Mogwai – The Hawk is Howling (2008)


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  • 1 Pipapogo // 28 september 2008 om 13:38:27

    mogwai – the hawk is howling

  • 2 Pieter // 28 september 2008 om 13:41:04

    Damn, net te laat.

  • 3 Blogman // 28 september 2008 om 13:41:51

    Waarom ze dan een adelaar op de hoes zetten, is mij wel een raadsel..

  • 4 Blogman // 28 september 2008 om 13:42:32

    Of is ‘t een arend ? Geen havik toch ?

  • 5 Rick B // 28 september 2008 om 13:53:50

    “So, what’s up with the title of the album, The Hawk is Howling? Is this the
    next instance of a band strapping a saddle onto the dead horse (pun
    intended!) of zoological/biological source material for the creative
    process? Guess again, assholes! For that easy fix, you’ll have to wait two
    minutes for Kristen Schaal to form a band (or walk into any local club
    Don’t get me wrong. I am a fervent animal lover, and I regard nature as
    something useful for certain forms of creativity. But for fuck’s sake, can
    we give the shit a goddamned rest when it comes to music? That’s exactly
    what the members of Mogwai were thinking when they cooked up the concept
    behind these four words! Momentarily forgetting that they themselves are
    named after a fake animal, the Scots devised a subtly satirical attack upon
    this insufferably irritating trend.
    When compared to a grackle or a female cardinal, a hawk might be
    considered dignified and beautiful. But when placed among its predatory
    contemporaries, this raptor becomes the Wal-Mart of Order Falconiformes. One
    doesn’t have to look far to witness the opportunistic and lazy practices of
    a red-tailed hawk as it circles above a city park or a Food Not Bombs co-op.
    Go back to the country!
    Mogwai have devalued the faux-naturalist naming process by utilizing
    what is essentially a glorified crow. On top of that, they have punished the
    animal and further deconstructed the trend by suggesting an unnatural and
    demeaning sound. Hawks don’t howl! You know what howls? Dirty feral dogs,
    Diamanda Galas, cats on the way to the vet, Bigfoot and most whores.
    We can only hope that Mogwai’s pointed spoof discourages a few
    “creative” types from naming a band, song or album title after something
    that shits outdoors.”

  • 6 Blogman // 28 september 2008 om 13:57:23

    Hahahaha ! 🙂 🙂 😀

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