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#9505 [Dennes] Libisch strandclippie

23 maart 2011, 21:45:48 geplaatst door Dennes · 15 Reacties · Geraden door Ruzenka · Video still

P!nk - Feel good time (2003)

P!nk – Feel good time (2003)


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  • 1 SftP // 23 maart 2011 om 21:51:18


    Ah er stond al iets 🙂

  • 2 Blogman // 23 maart 2011 om 22:08:30


    Ik zeg David Bowie.

  • 3 Dennes // 23 maart 2011 om 22:24:31


    Link met #8945

  • 4 Dennes // 23 maart 2011 om 22:41:24


    Link met #2122

  • 5 SftP // 23 maart 2011 om 23:06:37


    Bridget St.John: “Back to Stay” (Songs For A Gentle Man, 1971)
    America: “Head and Heart” (Homecoming, 1972, BS 2655)
    Françoise Hardy: “The Ocean” and “Can’t Get The One I Want” (“Francoise Hardy” CD rerelease titled “If You Listen” Kundalini KUN 65057 1972)
    The Paxton Brothers: “May You Never” (‘The Paxton Brothers’, 1975, ANCL 2012)
    Michael Johnson: “May You Never” (For All You Mad Musicians, 1975, Sanskrit Records SR071)
    Ralph McTell: “May You Never” (Right Side Up, 1976)
    Iain Matthews: “One Day Without You” (Hit And Run, 1976)
    Iain Matthews: “Man In The Station” (Stealin’ Home, 1978)
    Scullion: “John The Baptist” (Scullion, 1979)
    The Bellamy Brothers: “May You Never” (The Two And Only, 1979)
    Iain Matthews: “Anna” (Siamese Friends, 1979)
    Linda Lewis: “May You Never” (19..?)
    Eric Clapton: “May You Never” (Slowhand, 1977)
    Stan Campbell: “Mad Dog Days” (Years Go By, 1987, WEA YZ127 TE)
    Richie Havens: “Don’t Wanna Know About Evil” (Simple Things, 1987, RBIR 400)
    Wet Wet Wet: “May You Never” (‘Wet Pack’. 1987, Jewel 422 4 track EP, live at Radio SYD, Gambia courtesy of HTV)
    House Band: “Don’t You Go” (album PACIFIC, 1987)
    Capercaillie: “Fisherman’s Dream” (Sidewaulk, 1989)
    Matt Dawson: “One World” ( Coco & Fahrenheit (BMG), 1989)
    Julia Fordham: “Sweet Little Mystery” (bonus track with I Thought It Was You, 1991, Circa YRCD90)
    Wet Wet Wet (as Maggie Pie & The Impostors): “Angeline” (incl. with High on the Happy Side, 1991, Phonogram 510998-2)
    Wet Wet Wet: “Sweet Little Mystery” (very similar to John’s song and Van Morrisons Sense Of Wonder, on a later lp credited to John Martyn and Van Morrison – thanks to Rob MacKenzie)
    Taj Mahal: “Love Up” (‘Like Never Before’, 1991, Private #2081-2-P)
    Everything But The Girl: “Don’t You Go” (?)
    Spill (William Orbit & Beth Orton): “Don’t Wanna Know ‘Bout Evil” (1992, Virgin VSCDT 1441)
    The Killjoys: “May You Never” (“The Vodka Sessions” 1992 Mushroom D11376)
    Beth Orton: “Don’t Wanna Know ‘Bout Evil” (Superpinkymandy, 1993, TOCP 7984)
    Spyro Gyra: “Send Me One Line” and “Patterns in the Rain” (Dreams Beyond Control, 1993, GRP Records)
    The New St George: “Don’t You Go” (High Tea, Folk Era FE1415CD, 1994)
    Don Ross: “Head and Heart” (This Dragon Won’t Sleep, 1995, Columbia CK80221)
    Iain Archer: “May You Never” (Wishing, CD single GUMCD29, Sticky Music)
    Kenny Thomas: “Piece by Piece” (F. Patterson) (Destiny, 1996)
    John Farnham: “May You Never” (Romeos Heart, 1996, BMG 74321373002)
    Dr. John: “Don’t Want To Know” (Anutha Zone, 1998)
    Nualla O’Neil: “May You Never” (Titanic Town Soundtrack, 1999)
    Norma Waterson: “Solid Air” (The Very Thought Of You, Hannibal HNCD1430, 1999)
    Tam Tam Go: “Head and Heart” (Nubes y Claros, Virgin 1999 song retitled Cabeza y Corazon)
    Sarah Jane Morris: “Don’t Want To Know” (Fallen Angel, Irma Records – IRMA 491900-2, 1999)
    Brian Kennedy: “Spencer The Rover” (4 track EP Put The Meassage In The Box)
    Blackie and the Rodeo Kings: “Don’t Want To Know” (Kings of Love 2CD album 2000)
    The Chinese Dog Girls: “Ways To Cry” ( Live from the Theatre of Vampires)
    Andy Cowan: “May you Never” (Train I’m on, Australian issue Studio 52-52CD191)
    Muki: “Don’t Want To Know” (Mantra recording label MNT59CD, 2000)
    Riguelle & Hautekiet: “London Conversation” ( Red Harmony Album, LC Music, CTC2990152, 2000)
    Beck: “Go Easy”
    Blackie and The Rodeo Kings: “Don’t Want To Know”(True North Records TND0180, Kings of Love, 1999)
    Terry Tufts: “Sweet Little Mystery” (Walk On, Borealis Recording Company, ?)
    Grace Griffiths: “May You Never” (Minstrel Song, Blix Street Records, 2000)
    Ceide: “John The Baptist” (Like A Wild Thing, 2001)
    Jean-Jacques Smoothie: “Don’t Want To Know” (Love and Evil, Roadrunner Records 2002)
    David Knopfler: “May You Never” (Wishbones, 2002)
    Courtney Pine: “Bless The Weather” (Devotion, 2003)
    Sarah Jane Morris: “I Don’t Wanna Know ‘Bout Evil” (Live In Montreal, Fallen Angel FALLEN004 2003)
    Judie Tzuke: “May You Never” (The Beauty of Hindsight, Big Moon Records 2003, BM010)
    Fiona Kennedy: “May You Never” (Coming Home, Pixie Records PIXIE1003)
    Lime: “Head And Heart” (Living In The Lower Frequencies, 2005)
    Gemma Hayes: “Head And Heart” (The Best of the Strawberry Alarm Clock, 2004)
    Shaun Escoffery: “Solid Air” (Move Into Soul, 2005 Oyster Music)
    Keith James: “Don’t Want To Know About Evil” (N°1 Paradise Road, 2006, Hurdy Gurdy)
    Scott T Appel: “Spencer The Rover” (Nine Of Swords, Compositions By & About Nick Drake, 1995, Schoolkids Records)
    The Black Crowes: Over The Hill” (Brothers of a Feather:Live at Roxy, 2007)
    Keith James: “Couldn’t Love You More” (Postcards, 2007, Hurdy Gurdy)
    Jon Redfern: “Spencer The Rover” (May Be Some Time, 2007)
    David Gray: “Go Down Easy” (A Thousand Miles Behind, 2007)
    Joe Bonamassa: “Jelly Roll” (Sloe Gin, 2007)
    Morcheeba: “Run Honey Run” (Dive Deep, 2008)
    Capercaille: “Don’t You Go” (Roses And Tears, 2008, Keltia Records)
    Keith James: “Solid Air” and “Couldn’t Love You More” (The Songs of Nick Drake-Live At The High Barn, 2008, Hurdy Gurdy)
    Rod Stewart: “May You Never” (The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998, 28th September 2009 on Rhino Records)
    Catie Curtis: “Don’t Want To Know” (Hello Stranger, released 2009 on Compass Records)
    Maclaine Colston & Saul Rose: “Don’t You Go” (Sand and Soil, released 2009 on Get Real Records)

  • 6 Dennes // 23 maart 2011 om 23:09:22


    Helaasch..staat er niet tussen

  • 7 Dennes // 23 maart 2011 om 23:11:56


    Ook geen idee waarom je met een lijst van John Martyn-covers komt

  • 8 SftP // 23 maart 2011 om 23:22:57


    Ah, zowel Beck als Wet x3 hebben ‘m gecoverd… leek me wel een link

  • 9 Dennes // 23 maart 2011 om 23:25:12


    Maar wat heeft Wet x3 ermee te maken?

  • 10 SftP // 23 maart 2011 om 23:27:21


    ah, ik heb poep in mijne ogen…. bij zoeken op 2122 staat www bovenaan…. :dronken:

  • 11 Dennes // 23 maart 2011 om 23:28:38



    Ik zou me op die onderste concentreren.

  • 12 Dennes // 23 maart 2011 om 23:52:33


    Afkomstig van een filmsoundtrack
    Gebaseerd op een jaren ’70-serie.

  • 13 Dennes // 24 maart 2011 om 0:21:38


    TV-serie, that is. En dit komt uit 2003.

    Nu :sleepy:

  • 14 Ruzenka // 24 maart 2011 om 0:31:13


    Pink / Feel good time

  • 15 Blogman // 24 maart 2011 om 8:01:17


    Graag telkens de naamgeving van de artiest als in MM gebruiken.

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